It's about the whole family!

At The Way, discipleship–growing to be more like Jesus–is a FAMILY deal.
As a church community, our role is to partner with parents and guardians, provide tools to help you be the spiritual leaders in your home, and reinforce what you’re teaching your children. Along the way, we hope to model what it means to be a Christ-follower. As parents and guardians, your role is two-fold: to be the spiritual leaders in your own homes and to help care for the other kiddos in our Way family.
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Core Values

  • Safety: We will provide a physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe place to experience God.
  • Fun: We will provide children with an exciting atmosphere that they will want to experience with their friends.
  • Relevance: We will provide hands on experiences that relate to their world so they can take it with them and live it out in community.
  • Community: We believe that doing life together builds relationships and gives the children their identity in Christ.
  • Family: We believe that the family has the most potential to influence their child and we will provide tools for them throughout their child’s journey.

The Way Kids Mission

Connect with families to bring their children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and guide them on their spiritual journey to impact the Kingdom for eternity.

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